For the past few days I have been following the news to get some tit bits regarding Rahul Gandhi. This man, hailed as the future PM of India by his party, is quite the go getter these days. It’s a treat watching him engage with people, his new found energy has helped kindle a ray of hope overall within his team. Firstly, his cause and fight is totally misplaced, but then who am I to complain, he does make some good content for gossip. The media have their scoop and we have tones of memes.

“10 out of 7 youths in Punjab are hooked on to drugs.

He has sure mastered the art of grabbing center stage in the meme category. Be it his ATM visits or all those insightful spoon-fed speeches. The latest to catch headlines are his views on demonetization, we for sure are amused. Flip-side, his sympathizers are buying into the idea of a rollback and have made all attempts to do so. Be it morchas, badmouthing in the press, they have left no stone upturned. But all seems futile, no matter how much limelight the media showers them with. All this misplaced hard work and energy, makes me ponder as to what is lacking in convincing Indians at large.

“If India is a computer, then Congress is its default program.”

As a common man, when I look at Rahul, a guy born with a silver plate, power handed over generations adds no credibility to his Words. He comes out as a dumb guy who’s short of words on most occasions, in-articulated and lacks knowledge. As a politician in the making, he falls short on convincing he is fighting for my rights, be it any. His numerous blunders during political rallies, interviews, frequent misquotes, lack of knowledge and command holds little value and hence dilutes the entire play he is trying so hard to sell. The latest antics were the showstopper ATM Visit. Just go to show how little does he value ones plight. Firstly visiting an ATM in times as such, added with his brigade or bodyguards and chamchas, plus the media all together adding up to the common mans miseries.

“India is a beehive”

I wonder who advised him to do so; I would have fired that guy right away. It seemed more of him making a mockery than project people’s pain on national television.

“Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom.”

If there is a shred of sanity left, he should stop looking at this issue as ways to gain points. Rather work with the ruling party towards cleaning out corruption that has been infested so deep and wide. It won’t be an easy task for him, especially to break shackles and go against his own party members who are already in a desperate state. If he managed to do so, it would not only restore faith in him but also give a whole new perspective of a future leader who has the vision of a better tomorrow and actually thinks about a common man. It would also project him as one who has the backbone to clean the mess created by his own party over decades. This gamble would pay off as he is young and has a long way to go age wise, a decade from now he could have built up his credibility to run for the prime post.

“Politics is in your shirt, pants”

Going head-on with Modi over demonetization will only backfire in the long run, since the country at large has given their support to the move of currency ban. It is suicidal to oppose people’s verdict which is already taken shape and showing early signs of acceptance across the board. It won’t be long when interest rates and property prices will drop and people will hail this change in policy by the center. The least Rahul and his team could do was seen this coming beforehand and supported the move, rather than opposing it and getting caught in a twist.

“Modi changes his dress 16 times a day.”

From the looks of it, Mr. Modi is here to stay and the way he is changing India by the day, we people sure are going to keep him around for a while. It’s just the right time for Rahul to get his act straight and focus on long term gains than short sighted limelight. But then, this is just me trying to think like his supporters for a change, whose counts are in couple of millions with high hopes of him making it big someday!