Photo Credits: Hindustan Times

Twitteraties had a field day today, trolling none other than our yesteryear’s leading lady for her comment on George Orwell’s Animal Farm to be included  in school syllabus so that kids can learn to love and care for animals. Yes, she meant well but the reference of “Animal Farm” was a bit too much for all of us to digest. While Twitter and Social media were buzzing with this faux pas, Shilpa was totally unaware. We were wondering as to why she has not yet responded back on the issue, on a bit more probing, it was knows that due to the demonetization, poor gurl has no money to recharge her net pack. Hence, totally unaware of what’s going on, we to decided to keep her unaware, yes we can get a bit anal at times. We kinda asked her about her views on the topic; she was very excited and actually wanted more time to speak with the daily. But due to budget and popularity constraints, she was given a limited slot. We decided to give her all the time she ever wanted and it went on somewhat like below

Our very own “Chura Ke Dil Mera“girl took it in her stride and decided not to back down this time and grab every second given to her, add tons of more of her skills acquired through experience and education over the topic. We commend her spirit of never letting go. Speak about being a true desi bhukkad.

So, she started from where she left, “I think having books like ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’ as part of the syllabus is a great move because it cultivates imagination and creativity at a young age. I think books like Little Women would also encourage respect towards women at a young age. Even Animal Farm should be included as it will teach the little ones to love and care for animals”. She went on to say Fifty Shades of Grey was a great book at teaching how to let go of society formed fears and embracing sensuality mixed with animal instincts. She quoted Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and said that Helmets would be a good a safe bet for kids to start wearing them while driving if inculcated at an early age. It would also be great to get all kids to follow Alia Bhatt and KRK so that kids know how to embrace stupidity and become a star and attain popularity and money. Taking about her pervious career, she wished movies of Salman Khan should be converted into books so that kids know to hit the gym at an early age and chalk a half cooked body and learn computer graphics to make it perfect on screen, learn to hit women and shake a pound of meat to become the undisputed king in acting circles. This was a shocker to us, since she belonged to that field; anyways she’s miles away and has no scope coming back. She also thinks, while books and movies can inspire, she also thought that Bappi Lahiri can inspire kids not only at singing and looking yellow, but also for the double chin that he has which can be used in winters when there is no money due to the demonetization. She spoke on wide range of things; it was like Shilpa had the entire dictionary at her disposal. She was like the guy on diarrhea, totally rapid fire energy she had.

She made a reference of Chetan & Bhagat that kids should learn from these 2 men, who are so talented at mixing 2 minds to make books that are always half. Moving on over Indian stars, she also made note about the famous movie, Wolf of Wall Street; kids should learn from the wolf that tried to climb the wall across the street after smoking up and said that it was all about determination and not about drugs.

Not only did she enlighten us with these priceless gems, she said that demonetization was a great move by Mr. Modi. She went on to say, Indian men are of the habit to carry lot of cash making their wallets fat, which in return take a toll on the butt cheeks, she said she wondered how men managed that and since she was so slim, never would get a chance to experience the same. This move by the Govt. would save all our future generations not to experience the feeling as she has missed it so dearly.

By this time, I almost yanked half of my scalp and could not bear more. I excused myself by saying that demonetization had also left me penniless to recharge my phone battery to tape the interview further. She said, she understands.