A potshot in our daily vocabulary is a part and parcel of everyday dialect, and we all do it time n again. Infact we pride ourselves when we do it best, basking in the moment of glory after demeaning someone. But how justified it is for the First Man of our great nation to resort to these kind of thrills while the whole nation is watching? How does it reflect on the position he holds?

A truly respected man and leader; who is not only focused on taking India ahead, but he is the one who has the vision of an India that no other leader has ever had since independence. I have been a fan of his work for a while especially after the demonetizations move. But hearing him speak in parliament and the unwanted jibes he take, it’s been a downer for me specially coming from a man who not only holds the top position but also someone who commands respect for all quarters for the work he is doing.

Let’s take a look into how Mr. Prime Minister has stooped down to such antics in the recent past.

 So, Mr. Modi takes pot shots at his favorite opposition member, Rahul Gandhi, equating his earthquake remake to one that recently shook the north. Thank God, this earthquake did not cause huge damage and Modi got away joking about it. But how insensitive of him as a respected leader to use a natural disaster as a base to reply to a useless comment made by an ignorant man. How naive of Mr. Modi to forget the credentials of the man making that comment! Why does he have this immense urge to reply to every crap thrown at him?

Seems like all the frustration is catching up on him when he sees the opposition face to face. At rallies where he is working as a party member and puts on a show of words, I can understand as the crowd attending these rallies are looking for such thrills. It’s that kind of motivational speech that the masses at rallies need, and as a leader he feeds them with the same. But under the house of the nation, where all elected political members meet under the lenses, for the nation and the world to scrutinize, this level of cheap shots against one another does not passing on a good message to the nation. It does not matter who instigates them in the first place. But the man, who holds the top rank; getting down to the same level to get even, is by far the most degrading thing he has been doing to the post he holds. Especially when there is already so much political hatred for one another, his angst at others during rallies is fine, Why do the same in the house. Isn’t he, who speaks about change, brings about the same change in the choice of words he uses? In my view, he at times behaves just like any other troll online; the only difference is he forgets what position he holds when he gets in the flow.

There are tons of such instances when he has lost his composure and spoken words which should have not been uttered in the first place from the position he holds. The drinking jibe at Bhagwant Mann, raincoat dig at the former PM Manmohan Singh, utter uncalled for.


People should learn from Dr. Singh how to bathe in bathroom wearing a raincoat.

Ignorance is Bliss, something our PM needs to learn when it comes to these kinds of getbacks he so loves to indulge into.