The political world is trembling in fear after the recent news of Nokia 3310 making a comeback. Yes people… the Rock is soon going to be in circulation. And Sadly People like Kejriwal specially are extremely worried at the latest announcement by the Finnish company.

Social media is buzzing with the news of Nokia 3310 coming back from the grave has cheered many. Specially cheating men, who had no choice all these years from being tracked by their smart wives, now have a thing or two to rejoice. These are the same people who have been going gaga over the 3310 model and its durability. Yes, there was a time when even I used to love this phone and there was a time when we played the famous “snake” game on it. But times have changed and there is a shit load of other phone models that we have used. But going back to this is something that I would never do. But I can understand these 2 segments of the crowd.

The Cheating Ones

These are the typical guys who go back to their girlfriends or wives every day like “adgyakari” dogs, but they do one thing before reaching home. They switch off their other number religiously and hide that one mobile. Since it’s a smart age and smart phones are getting bigger and bigger, these men had no choice but to buy a big smart phone to do all the deeds they do. Not judging them, it’s their life and their free will. But then suddenly with this news, they can’t seem to get enough! They can’t stop harping about this particular phone. Firstly, its small, does the job well and is like a solid rock, so even if they are caught unaware by their wives, they can just fling it in the bushes nearby and not worry at all. There is always tomorrow to go collect this phone back as the moment it would hit the ground, it sure made a dent and got hid under the pit it dug itself. Secondly, the battery is so freaking amazing; they don’t need to bother about charging the phone for ages. Perfect for those kinds who have things to hide under the rug.

The Trouble Creators

Well there has been a trend going on for a while where people have been using ink, chappals, shoes… what not to get back to politicians at public gatherings. These people always are either troubled by life or by the ways these loose character leaders are performing. Since most of these things that can be thrown have a back fire tendency, ink can get splattered on yourself if you try throwing it, a shoe and chappal can get deviated due to its non aero dynamics, eggs are too expensive and pose a lot less damage due to its nutritious properties… most of them have failed. Then comes the good old Slap. But then it’s one in a million kinds of probabilities that one can get it right on the face in a crowd. That too goes fail most of the time. The only one I saw in recent times that was worth storing in your memory was that of a sardarji bajaoing some big politician.

Now comes the Nokia 3310, easy on the pocket, has the perfect shape and aerodynamics to do the job. This is going to be the top product of choice for such kind of acts. It’s small, hard… fucking hard and trust me it does the job well. I have flung it once at a friend and he had a freaking good time after that for weeks at the spot I hit him. So now you know why this particular product is making so much of noise in the market.

It suits each ones needs, I am not sure about you guys… but I know for sure the first 2 kinds who would use it and then I might just get it for the”Snake “Game… wasn’t that fun!