​Today is a big day in space frontier and even more big for India. ISRO just launched 104 satellites, yet again freaking out their competitors after this amazing record launch. We all should be proud of what ISRO has achieved; something no other country has ever.

With the latest development, in a personal one to one chat with us Mr.Koran Kumar, Director ISRO. We made some small talk over various issues concerning the future of ISRO and Modiji’s vision for the country when it comes to space exploration.

It was pretty interesting to know how Mr. Kumar with all the brain power and highly skilled team of scientist are very keen on this one project they been working on. This project dubbed “The India”, never has been mentioned before. Since we got so candid, they thought of why not break the news thru us. So what’s this big thing that ISRO is planning?

ISRO is planning a multi human space venture they wish to launch; few amazing humans into space and beyond. The entire project revolves around the theory of how few chosen individuals can alter the space vs time vs matter equilibrium. It was a bit hard on us to understand what all that meant. So we asked one of their scientists to explain it to us. One Miss. ManikuntalaJeorge Koshi Kurian came to our rescue, went on to explain that the human brain, mouth and voice are so powerful that when a human is sent into space, these special brain creates matter altering phenomenon’s, that’s where the space comes in. They wish to see if these brains would alter the matter in space. The Mouth creates vibrations and hence the multifold of vibrations needed to be recorded in this abundant space. Readings needed to be seen on how many times it gets amplified and then there is voice that would disturb the equilibrium,. Well didn’t make any sense to me when I heard that. She had so much to say and due to lack of a recording device (freaking security reasons, like I was trouble creator) I was not able to record her garb. Well I tried to remember as much as I could and here I am picking on the few strands of hair that are left to explain this to you guys. Anyways, that was the best I could do at this and on hearing her through, I was more intrigued to know more about who they chose to send to space. 

Her Eyes Lit UP

The moment I spoke up about who’s who were going to space, Miss. ManikuntalaJeorge Koshi Kurian eyes just lit up. Big smile with a gajra in her hair, silk sari, Miss Kurian seemed like actually a very naughty young lady who was stuck between old farts talking circuit boards and quantum partials all day. That twinkle in her eyes said it all, under that brains was a young lady filled with mischief. By this point I was like getting to the point of flirting with her, but then she looked at Mr. Kumar and got all serious again and dropped the names of who’s who. 

None other than Mr. Kamal R Khan was chosen as the project leader to head this team. He’s the only guy she said; knows if they will land a plus or minus at a launch. Then comes none other than our very own Rahul baba. ISRO had clear instructions from Sonia that he should be kept in the forefront, with unlimited Chota Bhem supplies. Ok, ISRO said to that!

Next on the list would be Mayawati for the volume of payload at the top, ISRO had to add her to the top to balance the load baring theory as below the pits would be Pawar, Kalmadi, A. Raja, Damadji and the likes to ignite the burners. Since these guys have so much money, they would be put at the back to fuel the burners with the abundant cash reserves they have. Good I said, since demonetization, their money is of no use and it’s a good idea to put it to use somewhere. So I asked her who would be in the center of all this?

Well she said, she can’t name everyone due to non disclosure agreements signed by the current ruling party. But there are many from this team which is going to be headed by Modiji himself. I was like wow, a no return journey and they all decide to join leaving the country to be run by whom? She said, that’s not to be discussed in ISRO. Ok!

This made me think, where does Sonia go into all this and what about silent night Manmohan? Well she said, they are going to be there for sure she said. Right next to the “Ignite the Burners” team with the one and only Aamir Khan… I was like why the hell Aamir would be in this team. He’s done nothing.

To that she said… well “Ignite the Burners” team would be so frustrated looking at Team Modi and Team Modi would be frustrated looking at KRK as team leader, they would put on a show and hence “Ignite the Burners” team would fuel the burners double time. So ISRO needed Sonia, Manmohan and Aamir’s Tears to cool the pits full time. 

Damn… I was like hats off to ISRO to think of all this! Can’t wait for this launch man…