The whole country is under a gloom of joblessness and while the debates on various national News channels throw suitable numbers of low jobs creation as per their viewership, some even unspoken over various industries going shut shop. Seems like the World’s Most Handsome Actor is taking this low job issue with a penchant. 

The streets of Jaipur saw an unusual guest; Kananga’s favorite punching bag was seen selling “Papads”. This came as a surprise to many; Pakoda’s is the flavor of the season. How can our intellectual 11 pointer be so anti-national and sell those unhealthy oil infused Papad? Why Papad? One bystander asked the protein overdose Greek god sweating his guts out in this heat. At first he seemed to ignore the questions, but not for long could he duck the aam janta. Some even started chanting “desh drohi” slogans for not selling Pakoda’s. Our demi god could take no more. With so much protein and creatine packed in him, how could he resist being silent?

He turned back to his driver who was following in his merc, the 11 digits dude, dings his magical 11th finger to make some kind of secret gesture towards the driver. And vola… music starts blasting…

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon…(7)
Main Jaisa Hoon, Main Vaisa Kyon Hoon…

Amazed people start looking at each other. Yeh kya karna cha raha hai, said someone. Meanwhile our meat Patti, wipes his sweat off, flexes his upper body and like a boneless worm starts dancing out of nowhere. The sheer sight of looks and moves cheers the crowd. Hits some of his signature moves. People awestruck start clapping and shouting at this sudden high octane bone twisting, body mangling, chicken legs moving like someone suffering from nystagmus.

Our man of the hour, does the moon walk on the developed super smooth tar road of Jaipur… gliding himself towards the crowd. In a soft voice says (picture the following in his mannerism from the movie Krish)

Duniya mein kisi aadmi ko chota mat samajhiye … kyun ki har chota, kabhi na kabhi badha zaroor ho jaata hai 

Computer ne insaan ko nahi banaya hai … insaan ne computer ko banaya hai … is liye joh dimaag kar sakta hai, woh aapka computer nahi kar sakta hai

Pakoda deep fry hota hai, Papad deep fry bhi hota hai or roasted be ban sakta hai!. Tasty khao, lekin health ka bhi khayal rakhna…

Lambe khel mein chote mohron ki zaroorat nahi hoti