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Kevindo Bird Adventure
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The Indian gaming industry has seen an unprecedented success in the past few months since the lockdown. Since the pandemic, a huge number of people are downloading game apps for entertainment. So much so that each and every genre of games have seen an exponential growth in terms of user base and revenue.

This trend has given a rise of home grown game developers, tons of games under the Indie game genre are being made and launched every single day.

One such game under the arcade games is Kevindo Bird Adventure on Android and iOS. The game is a fun bird game on the lines of Flappy Bird, where a user has to keep flapping the bird Kevindo to keep it in game play. The game has tons of obstacles and action at every step, making it a very competitive candidate. What we figured out was, even though the game has a 7+ age rating, the game is one tough nut to crack. Makes it even more important psychologically for the player to try and crack it.

Beautiful graphics and jungle music makes it even more interesting. We tried playing the game for a while and what we noticed was that each game was on a different background setup. With snow and ice, that scenery was our personal favourite. The initial few seconds was easy to get a hang on the game, by the first Boss encounter we realised it’s got a level of serious gameplay. What the developers of this game have done is take the humble Flappy Bird concept, turned it around to another level altogether. You have to have the skill to keep at this, bonus life are plenty… All you got to do is either pick a trophy or sit on the flowers. But then, nothing comes free. You got to have the skill to get those!

We spoke to the developers as to what they plan in the future to which we got this in reply, The game will soon be updated for the gaming season with a leaderboard where players can score max for some cool wins. Later on we planning some big updates to the game for real gamers in this segment.

That seems promising, since the gaming season is just round the corner. If you guys need a headstart, get to your devices and download Kevindo Bird Adventure, test yourself at How Far Can You Go?

Our verdict, not too far unless you really are skilled 😀
Nevertheless it’s a beautiful fun game to keep yourself of the kids at home busy… Try it out!

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