Aj ke social media trolls.

Image by RD LH from PixabayRD LH from Pixabay"/>

FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & a ton more… A den of information to the millions of it’s users, also a get high card for a special type of user’s “The Trolls”.

I have been an avid user of FB even before it was famous in India. Have used it for entertainment, information n work. Twitter hasn’t been my thing, but these new breed of social media users or foot soldiers as they are called, are a special type. They are bold, agressive, mostly uninformed and yet have a domino effect over the space, constantly feeding n multiplying.

Of late, I have got into this habit of reading the comments on social media posts, its something I have started to enjoy. I call it My popcorn time. At times the comments are entertaining, but mostly its outright vulgar and beyond any reason. I guess it’s got to do with the vast amount of fake news these people consume on a daily basis.

Trolling is destructive, intended to demean and hijack the conversation to get an emotion out. But then, the latest generation of trolls, take it to absolutely another level of absurdity. Death, rape threats, comments to harm the family; specially the female members, large scale targetting of women who are vocal on social media and the list goes on. When and how did an entire nation at large loose it’s bearings. How did it get so ugly?

Since when has abusing off topic got any conclusion to the post in context. Since when has venting out to a point of making threats in real got mainstream validity by likes & laugh emojis? Don’t forget the Thumbs Up. Aren’t there enough decent words to provoke, have a argument and yet keep it reasonable.

Apart from the one’s posting abusive absurd replies, I do have beef with the ones who like such comments with emojis. I mean, takes a special type to like a special type. No matter even if they are corrected and called out, yet they grow in numbers by the hour. It all seems a lost cause of mass histeria.

So what’s the best way to tackle such trolls, laws are in place. A police complaint can be done. But then that’s according to me a short term mend. To get these kinds sorted, may be its time: report these kind to the companies they work for… And see how the Domino’s fall to silence.

Hit them hard where it hurts, may be that will teach them to fall in line.