So, this comes from my own personal experience and is going to be a rather long post. So please bear with me.

It’s been a long and tough battle we have endured over the past 18 + odd years. It’s had its high and lows, it’s got us together and at times ripped us apart. It’s been a emotional drain and also a financial one. Don’t take me wrong when I equate money in the same lines as emotions. It’s makes and breaks lives.

So what is depression. A simple wiki search will give you this. “Major depressive disorder (MDD), also known simply as depression, is a mental disorder characterized by at least two weeks of pervasive low mood. Low self-esteemloss of interest in normally enjoyable activities, low energy, and pain without a clear cause are common symptoms.[1] Those affected may also occasionally have delusions or hallucinations.[1] Some people have periods of depression separated by years, while others nearly always have symptoms present.[3] Major depression is more severe and lasts longer than sadness, which is a normal part of life.[3]

lnshort a depressed patient does not have the energy, mood or will to do day to day activities, think clearly like a normal person would. So are they sick, Yes. Are they mad? No. Not in all cases. They have their highs and lows. How do you deal with them?
Get Educated about the symptoms that triggers them, it’s the only way that will help you to be better prepared in dealing with the reactions. At times the reactions are mild, at times worse. If you are equipped, you can deal better.

I’m not a medical professional, hence can’t help you with all the jargon of the trade, but what I can inform you is that stop with this mindset and reaction we generally come up with “pagla gaya hai” “mental hai” “gone case hai” “atleast phase hai” in regards to a depressed person. Seek help, shed the taboo. Take your time, read and educate yourself on how to help or atleast be of basic assistant to someone who’s suffering from depression. Why I’m saying this?

In India, the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 reveals that nearly 15% Indian adults need active intervention for one or more mental health issues and one in 20 Indians suffers from depression. It is estimated that in 2012, India had over 258,000 suicides, with the age-group of 15-49 years being most affected.
According to WHO

1 in 20 is the ratio in this country! Latest reports say it’s 1 in 6. That is a huge number. Probably, every one of you reading this knows someone who’s depressed or clinically depressed. It’s high time we educate ourselves to be of assistance in need.

Why do I insist on understanding this, let’s look at the classic case of a successful film personality who committed death by suicide recent. He was allegedly bipolar, depressed and was seeking medical help and ended his life one fine day. We don’t know why or what state of mind he was in or what lead him to commit the act. Let the law agencies do their job.

Nevertheless the entire country stood up in uproar to support him. Somewhere down the line the entire thing about his depression was lost from the conversations. That and only That should have been discussed at lengths on Tv debates and elsewhere, so the entire country could be educated on what Depression is really about. Stigma attached could have been eradicate, so many countless lives could have been enlightened and saved in the whole bargain.

But what came out of it was some uninformed statements by leading personalities like “Young and extraordinary individuals don’t just wake up one fine day and kill themselves.”.

Little do these people know, what depression is capable of doing to any fragile mind. What troubles me is such sweeping statements passed by some, hijacks the entire through process of millions. The critical thinking process is diminished and people at large sum it up to, well depression toh passing phase hoga. Real reason toh aur kuch hai.

It’s high time we realise as a nation we are at an all time high in depression positive numbers. The pandemic, lockdown, joblessness has put a huge toll on us. The pressure of uncertainty has pushed many of us in overthinking and that is a cause for worry. 

The least we can do is get educated and be of assistance when the time arises. You never know, someday your phone’s might ring and there could be a fragile mind crying for help!