“Truly Unlocked” – one word that literally sums up these kind of people. The ear hangers, chin holders and the best of all… No Mask at all. The real heros of our society!

So, India was put into a lockdown since March for months, the only country which has implemented it in the most stringent ways seen anywhere in the world. Life changed for a billion plus population with in a short time of it’s announcement. Stuck, unprepared and many suffocated under this never seen like before circumstance. But then as the saying goes, this too shall pass… India is gradually opening up for economics reasons in parts since. One after the other, businesses are being given clearences to function with safety rules to adhere to. This on the hindsight has brought a lot of people on the streets. A cause for worry for sure knowing how great we are at following basic law.

Since the news of pandemic broke, even before the restrictions could be implemented, we as a family went almost into a lockdown. We took care of the usual gigs, I stepped out once a week for the usual shopping and absolutely no family outings whatsoever, since we have a very young one at home. Now as the lockdown has been lifted, we have had just a few joyrides for our little one around our place of living. No strolls, no outings. Just short drives once in 15 days or so to keep him happy.

I understand that not everyone is in the same position as we do, the ability to work from home or have the will to keep yourself isolated from social life. Is it healthy, well that can be debated. But definately safe and we like it that way. One look around you, any sane mind would be scared to step out with so many countless idiots roaming the streets without proper precautions.

A 10 min stroll in any area, you won’t be surprised to see people without their masks, either hanging on the ear or under the chin. I do understand the urge to breath fresh air since you have been locked in for a long time, but then at what cost? Your stupidity is the reason why I can’t step out with my loved ones!

Your absolute stupidity is the reason why I can’t take my son and family for a stroll or for the necessary shopping. There are countless like me, who wish to take their families out for some recreation. Give them a bit of their old life back with the knowledge that it’s gonna be safe to step out.

Like you live your life everyday with your social gatherings, evening walks etc. why can’t you do all that with a little bit of responsibility. The fear in you might be dead, but it does not mean the rest have stopped to care. It’s high time, own up to your responsibilities. If not then the law must punish these vagabonds without masks and clean up the streets for the rest to feel safe.