In a world where we all are so well connected, mostly updated with the current affairs either via print, tele or social media… Yet there is a dead silence from you’ll on the many social media platforms.

I wonder why?

Just for starters, I have 323 Friends on Fb, some 50+ odd people following me who aren’t on my friends list. Out of all these good friends and social contacts, the numbers that speak on matters that concern us all are like under two digits! That shocking to begin with! How can such a highly educated, well versed creative and absolutely free minds be so dead silent?

I understand that not everyone wish to be vocal on each and every matter or be caught up in a unwanted banter, be branded under some sorts of camps, nor are they keen to whip up a storm for kicks. All this taken into consideration, the dead silence is numbing.

What’s stopped your minds from expressing on matters of your personal concern, be it any?

With all due respects, I do not wish to single you out; but then where are your views when it matters. So much is happening day in and out, I wonder… how come one doesn’t react! What kind of will does it take to be so calm and engrossed in your own lives that nothing concerns you to speak up?

To be frank, I too hold it back at times from expressing my views on each and every matter. But the important one’s, those are screaming for a viewpoint that can either make or break the ice. They just cannot be ignored. As a responsible adult and part of the society, you should excercise your opinions on the matters that concern you.

Be it social, economical or political, one can choose the wording smartly if it’s a matter of concern. Nevertheless speak up when it matters!

Many a times I have been questioned, Social media pe bol ke kya milega? Tu toh har cheez ka mazak bana deta hai! To them I always say, oceans are made out of drops. Each voice matters even if it’s to a smaller audience.

Methods, tone of language don’t matter, putting it out there that matters. Don’t ever underestimate the power of voices raised on social media. When they sum up, it’s a huge ocean which no one can ignore.

All you need to do is, choose your calling!