The Indian diverse culture and it’s people has always fascinated the world of art.

Art, a form of expression has no boundaries. It’s a view expressed by it’s creators and at times; open for interpretations. Interpretation could be on the lines of reforms, education, social causes or just plain humour.

What Tanishq did with this particular ad was displayed an interfaith family getting ready for a function. A function that’s normally not preformed by a particular community, but the beautiful message passed on was that no matter the religion, a daughter has to celebrate her function with love and togetherness. What a beautiful message of understanding, togetherness, rightful dignity for a daughter in law displayed in just 45 seconds. In awe with the creative team to come up with something like this that shows reality.

Why I say this, it brings me immense pleasure and privilege to know someone who has worked on this ad in a creative capacity.

Today, I had to message this friend and convey my best wishes for being a part of this wonderful piece of art which has got the entire country talking and thinking. Which is Truly inspiring and empowering.

But then it’s really sad that a big group like TATA had to buckle down to trolls who saw malice in this art that not only talks about interfaith relationship, but above all the Honor of a daughter in such relationships.

It’s high time we start looking at art as a means to enlighten us rather than degrade the whole thought process that they try to kindle in us as a society.

Why this intolerance de?