Image by mostafa meraji from Pixabay

Yar 20 saal ki dosti thi, 14 years dude, he/she was my bestie, X saal se mera khaas friend tha yar…

“Tha” usse Tha hi rehne do. Don’t sweat over friends you loose over the political views that seperated you. There is no silver lining to such relationships. What friendship you shared with them over the years, treasure the best memories and let them stay as a memory only. That person is not the same! The fabric is torn.

Why do I say this? Well, if a certain political ideology makes your life long friend into a person who thinks everyone else other than his kind is out to destroy them, you are better of without him or her.

I have lost couple of friends and so called social contacts over the past few years. It all started with some casual political conversation lit by current affairs. A few banters here and there till they got to my religion and others. Till a point I tried my best to handle their bigotry and superiority complex, but then at some point it was a huge waste of my time and efforts.

If a person can change their views so easily to demean a certain community even after having friends from those communities and interacted with them for years, what does it say about them? You wouldn’t want to take that kind of energy and knowledge into your own space. Why corrupt a beautiful mind that has so many countless memories and feeling that you shared with people from all walks of life…

Secondly, what changes them is irreversible. The winds wash off what ever it touches. So if these kind of people feel as such today, what would stop them from feeling the same about you tomorrow? Won’t it be safe to be at bay from such people no matter how close they have been. Once someone turns fanatic, there is hardly any point of return from there. Hate is a deep pit that simmers for a long time untill it’s effects are noticable, once it shows its ugly face…

Stay far away!