India is a vast country and every season is a wedding season. With such a huge population and so many castes and creed, there is always someone lucky enough to find the perfect date as per books to get hitched.

Even though weddings are performed throughout the year; winter in particular sees the max indianweddingnumber of weddings across the calendar. Why not, it’s the perfect time to get married, people are holidaying, the weather is good, and it’s that time of the year when everyone is at their best spirits. Weddings these days have become an extravagant affair. It’s like a rat race, couples and wedding coordinators are on their toes to outdo the previous couple they. Be it booking the best of palaces or flying the couple in a chopper or putting up a theme where the guest are pleasured to the hilt. This current trend has put in a lot of pressure on families and couples to go the extra mile to impress their guests.

In a typical Indian arranged marriage, couples didn’t really get a chance to know each other, but that trend has changed, these days the urban class spends time before they get hitched. Most of them date for a while before they call the shots. The courting period does help couples to know each other’s likes, dislikes alike. Be it their lifestyle choices, social circles and how compatible they are under the sheets. There is very little left for each other’s imagination by the time they get married, so they think.

Spice it up with your imagination

Once all the dust settles down, couples embark on yet another taxing display of how it’s suppose to be done; The Honeymoon Event. Post the wedding process the bride and groom are already drained out on emotions and energy. Divorce after Honeymoon is another disturbing trend among arraigned newlyweds these days. It’s harsh for such couples to know that they never were good with each other physically or mentally.

sextoySex Toys, the latest thing that has been added to the already never ending list of newlyweds demands. Well this new face of the good old game has seen an exponential growth in our country. From dildos to vibrators, names it and the list is endless, friends and companies are going the extra mile to provide these toys to a honeymooning couple. Wonder why a couple who have just got into an alliance would need a third entity to beef up the game. This my friends is the sad truth of our current times where people put in so much efforts into pleasing others, they tend to forget the basic tricks or love making. It’s pathetic to read in particular about newlyweds shopping for stuff or asking their friends or event guys to fix them up with sex toys for their honeymoon. The flip side of the argument would be to justify this trend by saying everyone has a choice to do as they please. I do not buy this explanation for the simple fact that, a couple who has dated for a brief period and are yet to know each other well, already are looking at a alternative to spice up their sex lives. Well common, what happened to your own imagination. It takes ages to know a person and understand them. The human body is one of the greatest inventions of God / Science, whichever theory you follow. There are tons of places and nerve ending that one can stimulate to get pleasure. The simplest of touch, scratch of the stubble, roll of the nails, hair can do the job even before the actual act; and the list is endless. If at this early stage in your marriage you need a toy to keep your partner happy, think where you stand after few years, those toys and you yourself would be deemed less worthy to stimulate your partner to climax if you don’t use your imagination right.

Shed the toys and the gimmicks, go the good old way


I am not against toys or whatever one chooses to make life more interesting, be it on or off the sheets, but the stage at which it’s being used is what bothers me. Our society is already seeing so many relationships break off even before the ship sets its course, over various issues and sex being one of the top most. This latest craze of sex toys mixed with honeymooners is a big downer. Shed the toys and the gimmicks, go the good old way of knowing each other, learn, adapt and improve. That’s the best part of this time with each other. It will notch up the game for you in understanding your partner even better right at the start.

The hunger to look good outward makes us spend more on beauty & fashion products was systematically fed over generations by shear deceptive marketing tricks by the fashion industry, now similar crooks are telling us what we should use to pleasure ourselves behind closed walls. Don’t fall to this trick. It isn’t wrong to use things to make sex or life more interesting, but When and Why is the matter utmost important.

Know what your mind and body is capable of achieving before you rely on external help.