In a sudden development, the Finance Ministry with RBI plans to announce the release of new added denominations into the mainstream currency on a petition filed by Students wing across the country.

“Rs. 13 Coin & new notes of Rs. 125”

panwallaThe proposed plan suggested the Govt. to create new coins of Rs. 13 and new notes of Rs. 125. In a joint meeting with RBI director Mr. Patel, Mr. Jaitley proposed a plan to implement these new currencies. Mr. Patel is said to be one of the most supportive members toward this new move as he wishes to help the youth of India with their daily dealings. It is said that the new Rs. 13 coin introduction will cater in purchase of Milds and Rs. 125 will be exclusively used for the purchase of Monk.

“Monk Lovers Rejoice”

The new move is being hailed by the All India Association for Bevda Party and Pufftards, smoking-effectsAlcohol Antonymous also is said to be in favor of this move. They went on to add that after the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 ban, a huge chunk of their rehab members have been facing acute shortage of currency to purchase their fix. Due to which many of their members were showing signs of Aaptards who needlessly abuse and shame Mr. Modi.

“Alcohol Antonymous members showing Aaptard Signs”

The All Nukkad Association also commented on the new move. They did not wish to be left behind and Mr. Babu panwale spoke exclusively on the issue. He wished to thank the Govt. on this new policy and did the thumbs up on couple of occasions says, “Bhaiya Kya Kare, Udhar dene se acha hai coin mile”. Modiji ne toh kamal kar diya, sala hum toh soche the aache din kabhi nahi ayenge, yeah toh kamal hogaya!

“Modiji ne Kaam Kar Diya – Babu Panwalle”


Rumor mills are busy churning out news about the introduction of more new coins. Its been overheard that Mr. Jaitley will also announce denominations of Rs. 11 for special occasions. People face a lot of issues during gifting and finding a Rs. 1 note is like seeking god. He said that on special occasions, people can now easily put in Rs. 11 as their contribution towards the happy family celebrations they are visiting. It just doesn’t stop there. Some sources say that, the Finance Ministry is going out of its way to make currency for each and every going rate of Vegetables. This is to help housewives to spend more time outside to inspire the common man to take up street shopping and curb the fancy vibes of malls. This move is solely to improve the lives of the street vendors and help them rise up in life with better earnings.

“Not Just monopoly Colored Notes, Currency In All Colors”

One guy said, they really want all women to leave their houses and go spend time outside and not be hesitant due to shortage of cash. Imagine one note for each type of vegetables. They are also working on ways to make the currency smell like the product one buys. The game has been really set up by the Govt. and they are not stopping at that. Local farmers and vendors are the forefront of all policies for growth. One guy close to the Govt. said “Imagine, since cattle waste is a hot product” a note that smells like cow dung, you are already into the feel even before you reach a cowshed”.

“Easy of Shopping for HouseWives”

We sure are excited at this news. This Govt. is by the common man, for the common man! Smell before you Splurge!