We all feel stuck at times and wish we just had a way to let go of all our inhibitions and shortcomings. To find that one thing which helps one shed their fears and lets you release all the pressure pent-up inside. That is what we all try to find all our lives.


Aarifa Bhinderwala proves that you can achieve that solace if you come to terms with your own self and not care about what society, parents / family pressure you about. Through Blush channel’s video Blush Originals with Aarifa, She broke out of the bonds and found Pole Dancing, a way to find peace after suffering from premenstrual depression. She belongs from a Bohri Muslim family and speaks about how Pole Dancing is and art and has helped her and her students to be liberated from their shortcomings.

“Not every person who is fully covered is conservative but not every person who is wearing skimpier clothes is very broad minded.”


“If I have a best friend today I think it’s my body because it went through shit and it still supported me.”


“The first spin that I did, I could actually feel the breeze in my hair that connected me to my childhood because, as a child, I would love to twirl.”


“It is a very sexy form of art. It teaches you to be patient. It teaches you to work a bit hard. It teaches you perseverance. It teaches you to fall in love with the journey.”


Thank You Aarifa


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