Fawad Khan latest photo shoot is going viral like crazy, real crazy. Indians have started a petition on crowdfunding sites to gather money to buy him a hairbrush, flipflops, jacket and money for real ciggs.

Needless to say, lot of his fans are feeling sad looking at him! One use said he looks lost and in trouble, while others say his recent stay out of India has made him smoke-up a lot, he is been rolling into the deep pits.

Well, all we can say is, have a look at his state. He sure looks bored, out of job and depressed.

Need a hairCut, Please Help


Roll with me, ISI has fixed me for a month


BC, na Naukri, na Kudi. Kya din dekhne mil rahe hai


Wish I supported India when they asked me


hmmmmm… bhai late hogaya! Ab kuch nahi kar sakte! keep rolling…