“Desperately Seeking Cleavage”

Vouge had to recently tell the world that Deep Cleavage show is history and no more fashionable. Wait… what? It took them so many years to know that. Gosh, the west is really slow at things. Now you wonder what makes me think that we Indians know better.

anilDude, jog your minds to the freaking post 80’s movies. Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar… god damn even Shakti Kapoor knew it. Now you wonder what these guys have to do with all the cleavage talk.

Man, they were the epitome of bare chest show, but guess what… with bahut sara Hair! You got it, cleavage aise thodi na milega free mein dekhne, sanskari audience hai apun.


Now you wonder what the west has got to do with all these men showing their bare chest in akthe early 80’s n 90’s while we are speaking about cleavage. Well, hang on. They have yet to evolve.

As per Vogue, the so called fashion bible of the world, the latest trend is reveling  your shoulders, stomach and legs. Well, give it some 30 years from now and that too will be outdated and eventually a women’s body to be gazed upon will be unfashionable.  They just have to reach there. I know, it’s a long shot and it is taking them some time to get to where we got in our early 80’s.

Well, in a world where women are objectified over n over on every aspect of their bodies, the way they dress and move, we have always been a step ahead. Years back, we took a stand that in our movies, deep cleavage show is unfashionable and hence we put our able men to the job. Guess what, the country loved it. We had men moving with their uppers unbuttoned, bare hairy chest showing out and the masses loved it. The aam janta stopped dreaming about the real deal and has their posters put up on their living rooms and auto rickshaws. Yes, freaking Vogue took some 30 odd years to get to this point. Little did they know all these years that deep cleavage attracts undue attention and the multitudes of filthy comments one would get on posting such a picture online.

Der aaye, durust aaye. For years our elders and even some of our learned family members have suggested that women should dress appropriately and not wear shot and revealing outfits, conduct in a particular manner. But no one actually listens to them. Women empowerment made us all go Yo!. But now since Vogue says that cleavage show is out of fashion, we sure will listen to them and follow. Wont we?


Well, I really don’t know what’s right for you ladies. It’s definitely your choice, but all I know fellow Men, be like these 3 studs I mentioned above. It’s no shave November, that means you don’t freaking shave anywhere. To hell with Vogue, drop those 2 buttons above and bar bar bare karo!