India is buzzing with the news regarding high value denominations being scrapped and the introduction of newly designed currency already making its way through select banks to the aam janta. It sure is a great move that successfully kills few wrongdoers with just one stroke. The time chosen by Mr. Modi & the Finance Ministry with RBI is to be noted. The secrecy held around this move in particular; ample enough of opportunities given prior; sure dint ring a bell at all. It came as a shock to one and all.

ISI rolling fake currency, Black money traders, rampant corruption in all sectors of Govt. & in general people who earn and don’t disclose, everyone has got a hard and well deserved blow with this one move. It’s been hailed by the general public and cursed by few. Very evident; the ones cursing are the culprits who have caught themselves in a twist. Overall, it’s a great move and I personally have been waiting for this to happen, a clean slate to start, with a hope to rewrite Indian history!

India is a large country with so much yet to learn, in terms of governance and also as a nation with such a mix and match kind of people, mindsets & cultures, different backgrounds and educational levels, I really wished that the Mr. Modi lead BJP Govt. also passed this one Rule and made it mandatory for all Banks to follow. It’s could have been a start to change our mindsets as people towards the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The one thing that needed to be added was “No Scribbling on the New Currency”.

scriblingWe come across notes that have loads of stuff written on it, numbers, people’s names, love quotes, tel numbers, freaking people even manage to write movie dialogues on them. Each one of you will agree to the fact that these kinds of damaged notes when one handle personally, is a huge letdown. It’s like handling a soiled note that’s about to see its end. I wish the Finance Ministry would have added in their press statement about anti scribbled laws on currency, that no one should accept such currency from business / individuals in the first place and in case one wishes to exchange, the banks would accept it only after charging a sum as penalty to the barer. This would force one to think twice before accepting soiled notes in the first place in the fear of getting penalized. This move would also save the Indian Govt. millions in losses to such ignorant & irresponsible behavior. Strict rules to be levied onto to Bank Tellers, who themselves scribble on the notes; people in general should be warned against such practices with fear of financial losses.



India should see a trend that’s being followed by so many countries to keep their currency neat and clean and save the nation from further losses.

I hope everyone takes into account that we Indians are moving to a better future, and a small positive change in our mentality towards handling currency will save our Nation in millions, just not to scribbled notes, but also towards wear and tear.