The Internet is alive again over the new face of a commoner, this time it’s

The ‘Nepali Tarkariwali’


According to a Facebook user, the girl was clicked by a Nepali photographer Rupchandra Maharjan in the Gorkha Dhading Area. After he shared the photo on his account, people immediately started sharing them as they found her attractive.

“People are going gaga over This #tarkariwali”

The sudden change of interest from the Pakistani Chaiwala to this Tarkariwali made us think as to whats so special about this girl. Sure, no doubts spared that she is a good looking young girl and has all the looks to capture the imagination of everyone. A little more digging got us to the conclusion that there is a lot more to this particular picture.

People Happily walking with their gadgets

Look closely, what do you see? Do you see a girl with a basket full of vegetables or you see more? Well the devil is in the details as they say. She is busy talking over the phone and the background is lit with well placed shades of red. Yes, “RED”. Got it?

Well to make it simpler, let us spell it out for you. This is a very well marketed place by a leading telecom major to hint at their product without mentioning their name, hence tapping into the mindsets of the people through visual connect.

“Use us and You too can be the Next PM”

Gone are the days when a common man was lost in the crowd, the power of the internet and the imagination of a few can change tides. A well orchestrated plan to make a deep impact and leave a ever lasting impression is the call of the hour.



It’s mixture of beauty and hard work

A few days back a Pakistani chaiwala made headlines after he became a overnight sensation for his looks. Life does do wonders for someone, he today has bagged modelling contracts and is on the highway to glory.

Little did he know that his life would change so much, but dreams do come true. While we cant decode his success and trust me we are happy for what life has shown him.

The latest Tarkariwali photo has for sure got us scratching our heads. While one theory suggest that its a telecom major behind this there is another interesting theory that is making the rounds.

“The OPPOSITION Wants a Tarkariwali as our Next PM”

A lot has been written and said about our counties one and only bachelor with the golden, platinum, silver and god knows what all spoons, the internal core committee thinks he is not fit to be anywhere close to the position and hence they are working on a new touch and go concept for the next elections. We really have not clue, where this is going to land now can foresee it in the future on how this is going to pan out. But for sure this makes an interesting turn of events if true.

“The glory days are back”


If this has a ratti bhar ka truth in it, I am so optimistic about giving up my part time so called writing skills and taking up a profession where I can be noticed by the who’s who of my nation.