Millions of Indian’s have begun to digest the fact that Times Now will be not as noisy as it used to be. Lot has been said and written about Aranb’s resignation and what he had to say before he left.

That being partly the truth, we all Indians are keen to know what really went down behind the curtains that lead Arnab to take the step he took. Was it a clash with the group that runs the channel, was it money matters or was it plain n simple that Arnab got bored doing the same over and over again

“The NATION Wants to Know”

While speculations run high and the entire media is buzzing with the latest development, someone down the lines, long forgotten, but not lost has the answers for the latest shakeup. He has been out of the picture for a while, but recently he came up with a explosive episode and that my friends has been the reason for the shakeup



Sources say that Arnub has been the real reason why Arnab decided to quit the leading channel and take a break from all the competition he has been forced to deal with. The other reason why Arnab has quit is been said that

“The One-lines by Arnub are too Hot to handle by Arnab”

Things are for sure heating up in the media industry and it would be interesting to wait and watch what Arnab has under his sleeves to make a comeback. We hope he beings in his

ever explosive dynamite cords to shake up the nation and in the process damage millions or ear drums as he goes fighting for the common man.

Well on the other hand we hope Arnub takes it easy on Arnab and keeps this competition healthy and light. Hope he does not choke his competition to the point that the Z security also seems useless.

Cant wait for the day when these 2 join hands and give us the show of a lifetime. But till then, it sure has been a shock to know what made Arnab quit.

Hope the dust settles soon and we get to hear

“THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW” more Louder !!!